Responder's Strategy

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  • Responder's Strategy Picture

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By Ron Klinger

For beginners and intermediate players

Bridge lessons on DVD

Learn the ins and outs of the strategies you should adopt as responder from the best, with bridge master Ron Klinger.

Instead of getting just a single lesson, you can practice the areas of the game covered on this DVD again and again.

This DVD covers:

  • The best approach to the responder’s initial problems, whether you have less than 6 points, the weak range of 6-9 points, the troublesome 10-12 range, or have enough for game on 13 or more
  • You will learn when to bid your own suit, when to support your partner’s and when to prefer no-trumps
  • How you should order your priorities after a major suit opening or a minor suit opening and when you hold a strong or weak hand
  • What happens when there is interference by the opposition
  • How to follow up on later rounds of bidding

Running time: approximately 90 minutes

Playable in all regions, PAL format


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