Playing To Win At Bridge

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  • Playing To Win At Bridge Picture

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By Ron Klinger

For intermediate players

Expanded new edition of an established classic. An additional 16 pages of entertaining and instructive problems from actual play.

BRIDGE WORLD said of the first edition: 'is as good a quiz book as has ever appeard.. Instead of examples of well-known ideas, the author presents truly practical situations.. the questions emphasise those aspects of bridge play that are truly important at the table. Our quibbles with the analysis are minor, and we recommend the book as outstanding of its kind.'

The book is divided into sections for the "Elementary", "Intermediate", and "Advanced" players, and the hands are not grouped thematically. This means that you are not given a clue whether you should be endplaying, squeezing or whatever.. you are left to decide that for yourself, just as at the table. The problems set out are very practical ones, the kind you may meet half a dozen times in a session, and the solutions are never flashy and artificial, but always make sound sense when you read the analysis.

Trade Paperback, 144 pages


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