Modern Losing Trick Count Flipper

  • Modern Losing Trick Count Flipper Picture
  • Modern Losing Trick Count Flipper Picture

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By Ron Klinger

For intermediate players

Quick and easy access to some of the most important aspects of the game of bridge

Like all of Ron’s flippers this one covers several key topics succinctly, all in a pocket-sized booklet, so you can always have it handy. This one looks at subjects including:

  • - The Losing Trick Count Formula
  • - Counting Your Own Losers
  • - Examples of Counting Losers
  • - The Value of the Queen
  • - Estimating Partner’s Losers
  • - Underlying Basis for the LTC
  • - Cover Cards
  • - Opener’s Rebids
  • - Responder’s Strategy
  • - Competitive Bidding
  • - Adjustments to the LTC
  • - The LTC in Practice

Flipper booklet


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