Match Your Bidding Against the Masters

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  • Match Your Bidding Against the Masters Picture

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By Keith McNeil

For intermediate and advanced players

An assortment of problems, tests and advice from the best of the best – taken from articles spanning decades and moderated by an Australian bridge icon

This book covers a whole range of bridge skills, including part score strategy, competitive bidding, bidding after a double and everything in between. Written by bridge legend Keith McNeil, whose skill at the game and unique style of bridge journalism gained him worldwide fame.

Besides, what self-respecting bridge aficionado could resist a book that describes itself as: “A collection of the best of Bidding Forum, directed with a modicum of wit and a dash of vitriol by Keith McNeil in Australian Bridge magazine, together with assorted articles and biased views.”

“It was a lucky day for Australian Bridge readers when a veritable accident of fate allowed Keith McNeil to take over Bidding Forum.” – Ron Klinger

Soft cover, 176 pages


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