Defensive Play

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  • Defensive Play Picture

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By Ron Klinger

For beginners, intermediate and advanced players

Bridge lessons on DVD

Are you a polished defender? This DVD can help you defeat more contracts. Declarers will have to treat you with greater respect in the future!

Learn from the best, as Bridge master Ron Klinger helps you improve your game. Instead of getting just a single lesson, view the DVD again and again.

This DVD covers:

  • How to defend in second seat and third seat
  • How to deduce your partner’s holding in a suit from the card played
  • How to recognise the basic defensive card combinations
  • Surround plays
  • How to recognise when a switch is essential
  • How to find the correct card when a shift is indicated

Running time: approximately 90 minutes

Playable in all regions, PAL format


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