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Master Bridge Series

The Deadly Defence sequel goes deeper into the areas needed to become a deadly defender and a feared opponent, and provides a large number of practical problem hands set in quiz form

Defense is the hardest part of bridge and even top-class players make mistakes much too frequently. The first part of this book gives insights into how to become a deceptive defender and how to recognize special defensive situations. The second part consists of a series of quizzes, with answers containing the logic and reasoning behind the correct play. After all the quizzes have been completed, readers will be amazed at how much more clearly they can see the winning defense at the table—and practice makes perfect if they tackle the problems again every three to six months. There is a lot of emphasis in the book on passing vital information so that a partner will be pointed into the right direction to find the winning play. Any bridge player will come away from this book with a greater insight into how to be an accomplished defender.


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