Competitive Bidding 2

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  • Competitive Bidding 2 Picture

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By Ron Klinger

For intermediate players

Bridge lessons on DVD

Bridge master Ron Klinger’s lessons in competitive bidding continue with more advanced strategies like bidding in the partscore zone, when you should push to the three or four level, and how to defend against weak twos.

Instead of getting just a single lesson, you can view the DVD again and again.

This DVD covers:

  • The general strategy of bidding in the partscore zone
  • When to stay out of bidding and when it is essential to enter
  • How to compete
  • When to push to the three level
  • When to bid to the four level
  • The unusual 2NT overcall
  • The use of Michael’s Cue Bids and how to defend against them
  • Defending against weak twos
  • How to compete when your opponents open with a multi-two

Running time: approximately 90 minutes

Playable in all regions, PAL format


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