Competitive Bidding 1

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  • Competitive Bidding 1 Picture

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By Ron Klinger

For intermediate players

Bridge lessons on DVD

Learn from the best, as bridge master Ron Klinger takes you through the key areas of the auction, how to signal your partner, what your partner’s bids mean, and other winning bridge strategies.

Instead of getting just a single lesson, you can view the DVD again and again.

This DVD covers:

  • When to overcall
  • When to use a takeout double
  • How to resolve the choice between overcall and double
  • How to use jump overcalls
  • How to show the very strong hands
  • When to double in preference to a 1NT overcall or a jump overcall
  • Replying to an overcall
  • Replying to a double by a partner
  • When to bid at the cheapest level
  • When to give a jump reply
  • When to prefer no trumps

Running time: approximately 90 minutes

Playable in all regions, PAL format


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