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Match Your Bidding Against the Masters By Keith McNeil - $16

This book covers a whole range of bridge skills, including part score strategy, competitive bidding, bidding after a double and everything in between. Written by bridge legend Keith McNeil, whose skill at the game and unique style of bridge journalism gained him worldwide fame.

Ron Klinger Answers Your Bridge Queries - $27

Bridge master Ron Klinger answers some of the world’s most common bridge questions The authority on all things bridge responds to some of the most pressing issues relating to the game, sent to him from people from all over the world.

The Bridge Player Who Laughed - $10

This book is a collection of hilarious stories from bridge tables around the world and jokes about the game. Learn why RATS are vital and laugh along with the anecdotes covering everyone from nervous novices to tournament tyrants.

Bridge is Fun: Learn and Laugh with Ron Klinger - $21

This book contains more than 80 problems to get your mind in gear ahead of your next bridge game. Solve a problem or two and you’ll be better placed to have a good game.


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