Bidding Over Pre-empts

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  • Bidding Over Pre-empts Picture

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By Ron Klinger

For beginners to intermediate players

Bridge lessons on DVD

Learn from the best, as Bridge master Ron Klinger helps you improve your game. Instead of getting just a single lesson, you can view the DVD again and again.

This DVD covers:

  • If your partner opens with a pre-empt, should you push on or leave it? Should you try a different suit or no-trumps? Is there any chance for a slam?
  • After an opposition pre-empt should you double, takeout, or call a suit?
  • When should you jump to game?
  • What about 3NT? What does 4NT mean?
  • If your partner has doubled a pre-empt for takeout, how should you reply?

Running time: approximately 90 minutes

Playable in all regions, PAL format


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