100 Winning Duplicate Tips

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  • 100 Winning Duplicate Tips Picture

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By Ron Klinger

For intermediate players

"The yardstick for success is not the size of your score but the frequency of outscoring your opponents." – Ron Klinger

Are you one of the many competent players frustrated with not being able to score well in duplicate pairs? Bridge master Ron Klinger explains why just playing good bridge isn’t always enough to get you across the line in a tournament.

The regular winners are those who’ve learned to adapt their strategies to the vagaries of match point-scoring. See how a slight shift in emphasis can yield positive results.

"One of the rare books that gets the ‘great deal’ rating… It is crammed with nuggets of advice that are not available in other books." – Alan Truscott, New York Times

Soft cover, 144 pages


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