• Bridge Basics (6th Edition)


    By Ron Klinger

    For novices


    Learn to play the most popular card game in the world with tips from the expert

    This book is the product of many lessons given to beginners and improving bridge players. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with bridge lessons.

    It covers the ordinary situations you’ll face in bridge and helps you eliminate fundamental flaws in your game.

    Bridge is fun to play, but the better you are the more fun you’ll have.

    Changes in the 2010 sixth edition: The 1NT range is 15-17, the 2NT opening is 21-22 and the 2C : 2D, 2NT caters for 23-24 balanced. The jump-raise of opener's suit is now a limit raise, 10-12 points. With more, the delayed game-raise is recommended.

    Ron Klinger 2010

    Soft cover, 128 pages

  • Bridge Made Easy


    By Ron Klinger

    For novices

    ON SALE!

    Bridge is easy to learn and fun to play

    There are dozens of good reasons why Bridge Master Ron Klinger has been playing for decades: it’s the most stimulating, most fascinating, and most challenging of all card games.

    With players in over 100 countries and a worldwide bridge-playing community numbering in the tens of millions, it’s easy to see why Ron speaks of it in such high terms. Join in the fun!

    Bridge – you’ll wish you’d taken it up earlier

    Soft cover, 92 pages

  • Ron Klinger's Guide to Better Bridge (3rd edition)


    By Ron Klinger

    For intermediate players

    Become an accomplished player with The Guide to Better Bridge

    The Guide to Better Bridge is for players who’ve mastered the basics and who want to improve their game. By following the advice contained in this book from bridge master Ron Klinger, you’ll know you’re doing the right thing - improving both your skill and confidence.

    Time marches on and the standard approach to bidding changes with it. Most players now play 1NT as 15-17, not 16-18. The preferred range for a 2NT opening is 21-22 points, but a good 20 points qualifies. Where jump raises, e.g., 1S : 3S, were once played as forcing, they are commonly used these days as a limit raise, 10-12 points. Overcalls have wider ranges, 8-16/17 at the 1-level, 10-16/17 at the 2-level. Overcalls have wider ranges, 8-16/17 at the 1-level, 10-16/17 at the 2-level. All of these have been incorporated in this edition.

    Ron Klinger, August, 2012

    Bridge is fun to play, but playing and winning is better still!

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