• Opening Leads 2

    By Ron Klinger

    For beginners to intermediate players

    Bridge lessons on DVD

    Bridge master Ron Klinger takes you through some more advanced Opening Lead strategies, including what to lead against slams, when to prefer your partner’s suit over your own, and how to read your opponents’ bidding.

    Instead of getting just a single lesson, you can view the DVD again and again.

    This DVD covers:

    • When to avoid your normal long suit lead
    • Which suit to choose when not leading your longest
    • When to lead your partner’s suit and when to prefer your own
    • The use of lead-directing doubles
    • How to read your opponents’ bidding and avoid the danger suits
    • How to find great leads and avoid the abysmal ones
    • How to choose from the in-between ranges
    • When a singleton is a good choice and when it is poor
    • Leading against slams
    • Leading the opponents’ suit
    • When to choose a trump lead

    Running time: approximately 90 minutes

    Playable in all regions, PAL format