1 no trump 1nt overcall 2c opening 2 no trump 2nt opening and transfers 2nt weakness 5-card major stayman 5 card minor advanced after a pre-empt after opener's 1nt rebid balancing bidding after a 1nt opening bidding after a 2c opening bidding after a multi 2d bidding after a pre-empt bidding after a takeout double bidding after a weak two bidding a pre-empt bidding by a passed hand bridge bridge holiday bridge holidays bridge lessons bridge queries answered card card combination card reading choice of contracts clear signal competing after a weak two competitive bidding competitive bidding and declarer play competitive bidding and opening lead competitive double constructive bidding constructive bidding quiz constructive play conventions & guide section count signals cue-bidding daily problem deception declarer play declarer play at pairs declarer technique declarer vulnerable defence defence against pre-empts defenceless defensive play deference discarding easy for fourth-suit forcing freak deals gerber triumph gross competence guides hand valuation hard high-level bidding holiday. holiday bridge holidays humour inferences intermediate jump-overcalls jump-shifts lead-directing bids lead-directing double long suit trial bidding long suit trial bids losing trick count medium michaels cuebid multi-2d multi-twos negative double new player problems no trump open bid opener's rebid opening 1nt opening 2nt opening bid opening bid and defence opening lead opening lead and defence opening lead problem opening range opening the bidding overcalls overtaking pairs penalties penalty double play. play at trick play at trick 1 play by third hand play this hand with ron pre-empting pre-emptive bid pre-emptive bidding pre-emptive raise pre-empts psychic bidding quick rebid rebid by doubler rebid to a takeout double re-opening the bidding replying to a takeout double replying to pre-empt responder's rebid responding responding to 1nt responding to 2c responding to 2nt responding to a weak two reverse bidding 'reverses' roman key card blackwood ron klinger blog ruff treatment sacrifice bidding sacrificing second hand play signalling slam bidding splinters stayman convention takeout doubles the old master plays bridge series the unusual 2nt third hand play tips tips for card play transfer bids trial bid unblocking unusual no-trumps video weak two-bids

I have only been doing the Daily Problem. It is excellent practice! I’ll send you more feedback as I get to explore more on the web site.

K. Hollander