Daily Problem 4582 – Get A Pitcher
18 Jun

You lead the 3: two – queen – king. South returns the 7: four – ace – six, followed by the 2: five – jack – queen. What do you play at trick 4?

17 Jun

West leads the 5. Plan the play.

16 Jun

West leads the J: ace – five – seven. South continues with the A: two – three – seven and a spade to the king. Next comes the 5. What do you do as East?

15 Jun

With no opposition bidding, South is in 6NT. West leads the 10: eight – three – queen. You lead the 2: nine – jack – six. Plan the play.

14 Jun

South is in 3NT after opening 1 and West overcalling in spades. West leads the 9. Plan the play.

13 Jun

What action do you take?


12 Jun

What should North do with:

11 Jun

What should South do with:

10 Jun

What would you do as North with:

09 Jun

West leads the A, which you ruff. East plays the 9, discouraging. Plan the play.

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I have only been doing the Daily Problem. It is excellent practice! I’ll send you more feedback as I get to explore more on the web site.

K. Hollander