Daily Problem 4134 – A question of respectability
07 Sep

With no opposition bidding, South is in 4 . West leads the 10. You win and play the 4: five – ace and East discards a diamond. How should the North - South partnership continue?

06 Sep

South is the dealer with North - South vulnerable. The last bid was 4NT by North. East has passed. What would you do as South with a hand that includes K and Q?

05 Sep

West has bid 1NT, after some thought North has passed. What do you bid as East with your highest card the 10?

04 Sep

North is the dealer with North - South vulnerable. South holds a monster hand and has bid 6 , West leads the K. Plan the play for the North - South partnership.

03 Sep

North is the dealer with nil vulnerable. The contract is 5 by South and there was no opposition bidding. West leads the A and continues with the 10. The A lead and continuation were helpful, but what next for the North - South partnership?

02 Sep

South is the dealer with North - South vulnerable. As South you've made a contract of 4 , West leads the 3, thirds and fifths, to East’s queen and East returns the 2, which you ruff with the 5. How would you continue?

01 Sep

South has made a contract of 5 , west leads the 3 . How do you continue as East with A , J , and K?

31 Aug

South is the dealer with North - South vulnerable and the contract is 4 . West leads a heart to the jack and ace, ruffed by declarer. Declarer plays the J next. How would you defend as West with the K, Q, and 2?

30 Aug

West has started the auction with a bid of 5 . What do you bid as North with K, A, K, and Q?


29 Aug

The bidding is a little wild in today's Daily Problem, see what you can do in a contract of 4 .

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I have only been doing the Daily Problem. It is excellent practice! I’ll send you more feedback as I get to explore more on the web site.

K. Hollander