Daily Problem 4582 – Get A Pitcher
28 Jul

South is in 6 on the 10 lead: jack – king – ace. South plays the 2, 3 from West . . . Plan the play.

27 Jul

Against South’s 4, West leads the 4: queen – king – ace. When you play the A next, West discards 2. Plan the play.

26 Jul

West leads the 2: queen – ace. What should East play at trick 2?

25 Jul

West leads the A and continues with the Q, ruffed in dummy. Declarer plays the 7: king – ace – eight, followed by the 2: ten – jack – queen. West has shown a doubleton diamond. What should East play at trick 5?

24 Jul

After North opened a multi 2, South is in 4, doubled for penalties by West, who leads the 4. Plan the play. Be specific.

23 Jul

West leads the Q. East takes the A and shifts to the K. Plan the play.

22 Jul

You lead the 4: two – king – ace. South cashes the A and plays a diamond to dummy’s queen. You discard a spade and East shows an even number of diamonds. Declarer continues with the 6 to the jack, East contributing the 4 (reverse count). How should West defend?

21 Jul

You have reached 7 by South with no opposition bidding. West leads the 6. Plan the play.

20 Jul

West to lead from:

19 Jul

You open 2, pass, pass, 2NT, pass 3NT, all pass. Your lead?

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I have only been doing the Daily Problem. It is excellent practice! I’ll send you more feedback as I get to explore more on the web site.

K. Hollander