Daily Problem 4865 – Muffed it in Mufti
02 Jun

West leads the 10: three – ace – eight and East switches to the A: five – three (low-like) – two, followed by the 8: jack – king – four. What would you play as West at trick 3?

01 Jun

Trick 1: 5 – ace – two – three. Trick 2:  5 – three – queen – ace. E-W play natural count and high-encouraging. What do you play next as West?

31 May

South is in 3NT after opening 1 and West overcalling 2. West leads the 9. You play the J from dummy and it wins. Plan the play.

30 May

South’s 2NT was artificial and showed a hand looking merely to compete for a part-score. West leads the 5. East wins with the ace and switches to the J. Plan the play.

29 May

West starts with the A, K, J. East follows with 10, Q, 6. At trick 4 West switches to the 3. What do you play from dummy?

28 May

What is the best way to play this combination to avoid losing a trick in the suit if possible? Entries are not a problem.

27 May

If 4 becomes the contract, what do you lead?

26 May

What would you do as East with:

25 May

West leads the A: two – jack – eight. How should West continue?

24 May

What would you do as East with:

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I have only been doing the Daily Problem. It is excellent practice! I’ll send you more feedback as I get to explore more on the web site.

K. Hollander