Kangaroo Island Bridge Holiday 2012

Posted 18 May 2012 by Ron

Here are photos of the winners from the recently concluded bridge holiday that took place at Kangaroo Island on 6 May - 13 May 2012.

Catherine Bowman & Marie Clatworthy both of Melbourne who played in the Teams Championship with Margaret Kennedy of Canberra (not in picture) with Suzie Klinger Kangaroo Island 2012


Dale & Roger Peak, Glynis McNicoll & Ngare Brown all of New Zealand, third Teams championship Kangaroo Island 2012


Dale & Roger Peak of New Zealand, Third Pairs Championship Kangaroo Island 2012


Leonie Henry & Jean Weeks  both from Brisbane, Pairs Champions Kangaroo Island 2012


Lorraine Becker & Fazeley Read both from Sydney, Second Pairs Championship Kangaroo Island 2012


Michael Manning, Philippa Walker, Stuart Partis all of Adelaide and Denise Richards of Burleigh Town, Qld. Second in the Teams Championship Kangaroo Island 2012


Peter Perry of Narromine & Olivia Johnson of Sydney with Vonnie & Peter Preston of Melboourne Teams Champions Kangaroo Island 2012

Fan Mail

Once more I want to let you know how much I enjoyed the  bridge trip to Kangaroo Island. - T.N., Melbourne

We had an excellent time. The group was great. Ron was in charge of weather and it only rained a little at night or a tiny bit on the days we weren't touring so he held up his side of the bargain. Class time was great with questions galore -- especially from the previous games the day/night before. The group was very warm and friendly and people made new, firm friends. Two people who met on our KI trip are now coming together on our Tangalooma Resort Bridge Holiday. Some others have now planned to join us in Norfolk. They all said they didn't expect to enjoy themselves so much! We also have a budding bridge romance!! Everyone was especially pleased with this...............so you never know............geography will play a large part in this friendship.............We've booked the venue again for next year, May 2013. The Aurora Ozone Hotel was fantastic. They were extremely obliging and went out of their way to make sure everything ran smoothly. The three tours were interesting and fun and we were given loads of information and history of Kangaroo Island by our coach driver, - Alex

What a great time it was  !!  The trip - tours and all - so beautifully organized - and some very challenging bridge as well - it was PERFECT !!   Really a time to remember........
Of course Suzie, all mostly due to your fabulous organizing skills - it all came about amazingly.... and a few other things as well!   
All at the same time... Suzie I guess it is certainly not effortless for you both...but you do it in a grand style and it is most definitely loved and appreciated by every one and I do believe that this was the cause for our fabulous group in K I.
I would really like to come to Norfolk Island.  Suzie could you reserve on a single room for me?
So - to two fabulous people - thank you once again for all you did !!   The first and very important  item on my "To Do" list went off with a Big BANG!!!!!
A.A., Adelaide, SA

I really did enjoy the K.I. trip so much , you both work so very hard to make sure everything is just right , & it was!  A great big thank you & do hope to see you again one day. - DR, Burleigh Town, Qld


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I have only been doing the Daily Problem. It is excellent practice! I’ll send you more feedback as I get to explore more on the web site.

K. Hollander