Silver Wind Cruise 2011 - Mediterranean

Posted 15 November 2011 by Ron

Ron having a hair cut, as one does, in the busy shopping centre at Kusadasi, Turkey.


Theatre of Epidaurus. Acoustics are incredible. No microphones needed in this fabulous theatre. Ron ran up to the top twice and then took this photo. Not many of us were inclinded to walk up once!! He went twice.


Farewell dinner on Silver Wind : part of our bridge group : Rachel Shave & Bridget Cooke from Perth WA; Ron & Suzie from Sydney NSW; Anne Gunst & Margaret Whylie from Ocean Grove, Vic.


Rachel Shave and her sister Bridget Cooke both from Perth WA. This is Rachel's first time away with us. She hasn't played bridge for many years and is now extremely keen to get back into the game and play with Bridget. Bridget and their mum, Elizabeth, have been away with us on many bridge holidays.


Rachel Shave, Bridget Cooke (both from Perth, WA); Ron; Sue Read (Melbourne, Vic.) and Margaret Whiley (Ocean Shores, Vic) in class with Ron.


Suzie & Ron


"Hi Ron and Suzie
I hope you have settled into life back home. I know you have been on more bridge holidays since we returned - what a life! I have attached some photos from the cruise. I don't seem to have any of the whole group.
Thank you Ron for your wonderful lessons on the Silverwind. It was a bonus for us to have a small intimate group. I learnt heaps and have been able to use some of it since. Still need lots more practice because unfortunately sometimes the ideas come too late.
Wishing you very best wishes for the season and have a wonderful 2012.
Cheers,  A. G., Ocean Shores, Vic.






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I have only been doing the Daily Problem. It is excellent practice! I’ll send you more feedback as I get to explore more on the web site.

K. Hollander