Lord Howe Island Bridge Holiday 2011

Posted 06 June 2011 by Ron

Photos of our recent holiday on Lord Howe Island. The rainiest holiday ever. We were virtually flooded and our holiday-makers had to wade through water 6-9" deep to get back to their rooms from the conference room and again when going over to the main building for dinner. They all took it very well. They all had umbrellas and Ron escorted many of them back indivually because it was already dark at 5pm and some weren't sure where to go! There was an enormous amount of rain and it was extremely heavy. The plus side were the wonderful waterfalls on Mt Gower and Mt Litchbird. The 2 large mountains there. Our coach drove through 6" of water so we could travel down the only road to the area. The next time they went they got bogged!!! Again quite hilarious. The holiday was thoroughly enjoyed by all. - Ron & Suzie

The fab group